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Careers Pathways

Skills you will learn at BVT:

The Fundamentals of Design

Advertising and Marketing

Design Thinking and Concept Development

Graphic design

Website design and development

HTML and CSS coding

Video Design and Production

Digital Photography

Digital Imaging | Effects


Business and Entrepreneurship


Certifications available:

• OSHA 10-hour Card: General Industry

• Adobe Certified Associate - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more.

After high school:

• Digital print operator

• Digital imaging specialist

• Graphic layout artist

• Web and copy designer

• Digital photographer

• Production manager

• Customer service personnel


After two year college:

• Graphic designer

• Digital workflow manager

• Video designer and producer

• Advertising and marketing personnel



After four year college:

• Graphic designer

• User Experience Designer (UX)

• User Interface Designer (UI)

• Art director

• Advertising and marketing director

• Web designer and programmer

• Game artist/designer/developer

• Illustrator

• Animator

• Movie director/producer

• Fashion/textile designer

• Industrial designer

• Architectural/environmental designer

• Interior designer

 Mass communications specialist

• Public relations specialist

• Digital marketer

 Art, design, and technology education


bvt multimedia


Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School, 65 Pleasant Street, Upton, Massachusetts.


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