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Math Integration


The Multimedia Sophomore class participated in a Math integration project with Mr. Pineault. This all began with a presentation demonstrating the use of the Golden Mean in architecture, photography, graphic design, Web design, nature, space, and even the human body. Please click here to view this presentation. 


Mr. Pineault was able to explain the Math behind the Golden Ratio. First, students made their own Golden Ratio with paper, pencils, and a compass. Finally, students learned to calculate their own measurements for future designs. 

English Language Arts Integration


English Language Arts Instructor, Mr. Timm Freitas, instructed our students about strategies for developing concepts, universal themes, and writing techniques for their very own story books. This is a large integration project that involves the writing of a storybook, character creation, plot development, story board development, and finally, a stop motion video production with voice-over and script. Once the final storybooks are created and produced, students vote on the top six story lines to animate.  Students worked in groups on the final production. Ms. MacLure, BVT's Visual Arts instructor came on board to instruct our students on how to sculpt their character's hands and face. Ms. Ellis worked with students on the conceptual design portion, and the production of the final story books took place with Mr. Mayo. Finally, Mr. Millette worked with students on the design and production of the finalStop Motion Videos. Please view our storybook lesson plan developed by our faculty to guide students in the conceptual portion of this project.

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Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School, 65 Pleasant Street, Upton, Massachusetts.


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