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Study Guides and Resources.

Our study guides are available via the MultiMedia Communications Resource Center on Canvas. The Multimedia Communications Resource Center is a sharing environment for resources pertaining to Skills USA competitions, study guides, final exams, and other information needs. Every student has access to all of their relevant Moodle courses, as well as the Multimedia Communications Resource Center.


Adobe Certified Associate Study Guides.

The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification allows students to demonstrate proficiency in Adobe digital communications tools. By becoming a Certified Associate, students will be able to stand apart from their peers, boost their confidence, and expand their career opportunities.  Adobe Certification study guides are available in our Adobe Certification course on Canvas and the Adobe Education site.
For further information, please click on the logos below to link directly to Adobe's educational guidelines. is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, and academic subscriptions, members have access to the video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts. All BVT students have access to the learning environment.


The Institute of Design at Stanford.

Our design thinking and problem solving methodologies are based off of Stanford Universty's Design School (d school). The is a hub for innovators at Stanford University. Students and faculty in engineering, medicine, business, law, the humanities, sciences, and education find their way here to take on the world’s messy problems together. We know that our students can tackle these problems here at BVT too. Click on the below logos to learn more.

bvt multimedia


Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School, 65 Pleasant Street, Upton, Massachusetts.


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